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 Below are some ideas to help you succeed with actual tools & tips so we may both be as profitable as possible.


The number we share is (618)355-1121 With your promo code/username.

 Your website is internetbreakout.com/"YourUserName"

Top Sites

  Free Members Earn Money Too!  Yes you will have to work to make money. 

Just getting membership alone will not make you any money.  

Start working.....Share the number. Share your page.  Here's how we do it.

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I've use these sites to get thousands of views, and sign ups.
**Facebook Ads and Google Ad words.

Neat tool
Beacons. I put mine in Starbucks. They transmit your ad to phones via BlueTooth
To turn your android phone into a beacon.

Make Youtube videos.

Sample Text messages.

Sample  1: 2 steps to make 3000per day! Wanna know what they are? 1. You call  this number: 1-618-355-1121. 2. Give the promo code: “xxxx” That’s it.  Sound simple enough?

Sample  2: Make $3000 per day! Here’s How! 1. You call this number:  1-618-355-1121. 2. Give the promo code: “xxxx” 3: Review Details and  join or request a callback.

Sample  3: New Done 4 You system Works! Make $3000 per day! Here’s How: 1. Call  this number: 1-618-355-1121 2. Use the promo code: “xxxx” 3: Then  Register & make money!

Sample  4: Earn up to $3000+ A Day With My Stupid Simple Done For You System.  Step #1: Listen To The Recorded Message 1-618-355-1121 Step #2: Use  Promo Code xxxx As Directed. That's it!

Sample Email Ad 1:

 Subject: Join Free - This is ABOUT to go VIRAL.. Earn $1750 a day!
I gotta share what I just found 
before this goes VIRAL.
Watch this now. Internetbreakout com/yourpromo
Get Started for FREE and make
money as a FREE member or 
even more as an upgraded member.
It could make you up to $3000per day.
Step #1: Listen To The Recorded Message 
Step #2: Use Promo Code xxxx As Directed.
Your Name
Promo Code: xxxx

Sample Email Ad 2:
Earn up to $1750+ A Day With Our Stupid Simple Done For You System
Free Members Earn Money Too!
Get Started Today!
Visit www.InternetBreakout com/promocode
Your Name
Promo Code: xxxx

Sample Email Ad 3:
Earn up to $1750+ A Day With Our Stupid 
Simple Done For You System
Free Members Earn Money Too!
Get Started Today!
Step #1: Listen To The Recorded Message 
Step #2: Use Promo Code xxxx As Directed.
Your Name
Promo Code: xxxx

After you have sign ups:
Log into your back office internetbreakout.com/login
Call  your prospects to introduce yourself as a real person there to help.  Text messages are a great way to break the ice of a unknown caller. 
Simple message: "Hello (Name?) How do you like Share The Number?"

Being Diligent & Follow ups are the Keys to Success.
Use the tools above and you will not fail. 
Failure is the day you stop trying.

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