Nico. The Star of the Barking Calculator.

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"Voice Controlled Barking Calculator"

Barking Calculator

"Android Simon Says"

Simon Says

"Chemical Storage Tank Monitor"

Tank Monitor

"X-10 Voice Commander"

X-10 Voice Commander
Control your home with the X10 Voice Commander.
There are 16 inputs for quick access, and plenty of room for other commands to be added to a separate list.
Download the Server to your PC and double click it to run.
The server window will display your IP.
Enter this IP into the X10 Voice Commander. Use Port 8086. (Standard Home Automation port).
When the server receives a command from your device, it will display the date and time, the IP of the device, and the command sent.
The server is designed to send the commands to the X10 installation path "C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/X10/Common".
If your path is different than above, please e-mail the developer for a custom server.
Get X10 Home Automation here:
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Inda's dad is

2007 World Champion Pakros Dulmenthal ScH3

Nico's Mom Inda
Inda's dad and grandad were
both  World Champions !

Click picture for ped info.

Pakros daughter
SG1 Inda Topolovnicka a

Nico's Dad Kimmon
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Odin's puppies for sale

V1 Kimmon Vom Plassenburg IPO1,KKL1a

Kimmon's dad
( VA2 Odin Vom Holtkamper Hof SchH3,KKl1a )
  was  #7, #8 , in 2008  #2 in the World

Get Your German Shepherd Here

Obedience Boot Camp

German Shepherd Supplies

 Nico's favorite stores.

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         LT - 090909 - 728×90 Feel Good

     1-800-PetMeds RX/125x125.gif        

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